About Larry

My Interest: I enjoy family time with my 4 sons and their 16 children, my grandchildren. I’m interested in politics and restoring our country to the way God had founded it, being the right-wing radical conservative Christian that I am. I like to play golf, especially with my sons. And I love to watch the Oklahoma Sooners win. I love to teach people the success principles, which never change, so they can improve their lives. I have been blessed to be Mr. Grandmom (like the movie) for one of my granddaughters, Summer. I enjoyed everything about raising Summer for 10 years until she was 11, she is now 15 years old; I’ve had her since she was a baby. My Activities: Family (especially with my grandchildren), Work (good for my self-esteem), Golf (I especially like to play golf with my sons) and Time with God. I enjoy Daily Bible Study and worship at Church. My Favorite Authors: My Favorite Quotes: My Business: I am a founder of Local Reputation Management LLC, an Online Reputation Marketing company; and Takeout Orders, an Online Ordering services provider for restaurants. My other business interests include eBankingExperts.com providing merchant accounts to local businesses.

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