Bible Study Forgiveness Leviticus Worship

Leviticus Chapter 26; if you obey, then God blesses you.

BUT, If you don’t obey….. Look Out!

Bible Study Leviticus Moses The Lamb of God Worship

Leviticus Chapter 16: The Day of Atonement

Attitude Bible Study Jesus Leviticus Moses Rebellion from God Worship

Leviticus Chapter 9:15 to 10:3 Moses and Aaron present the offerings for the people to God.

 Aaron's two oldest sons, Nadab & Abihu, decide to offer their own way and God kills them.

Attitude Bible Study Christian Faith Psalms Worship

Psalms 141; David calling upon and trusting in God.

Bible Study Christian Encouragement Motivation Psalms Worship

Psalms 84; The Joy of Dwelling with God.